About Me

Hi I’m Dheerja. I’m currently Chief Product Officer at theSkimm, a company that focuses on delivering news and information into the routines of female millennials. We have an audience of millions who engage with us daily via our newsletter, app, and audio/video products. Prior to joining theSkimm, I was an engineering and product leader at ESPN, working across all of their digital products and spearheading major initiatives like the internationalization of ESPN digital properties, Grantland, some of their flagship apps, and a relaunch of ESPN.com.

Throughout my career I’ve been an advocate for women and underrepresented minorities in the technology and media industries. I’ve spearheaded several diversity and inclusion initiatives at ESPN and theSkimm and am passionate about how companies both big and small can create a diverse and inclusive environment.

I was born a sports fan and spend my free time trying to find the ideal combination of my love for international soccer, travel, and food. I’ve been to five World Cups and plan to keep the streak alive!